Hogs, Frogs, and Acid Trippin Parasites

Benji Bends in Swamp Pose

And so we set out to find some hogs. We found frogs. We set out to find gators. We found more frogs. We heard oinks and grunts and all manner of scurrying and rapid retreat, but we were not able to make visual contact.

Legion avoids death yet again. Devil pigs!

But we shall not be discouraged for in due time we shall reap that harvest, unless we die first.

Benji’s fun. He loves the stench, heat, dirt, grit, and acid trippin’ parasites that plunge the bough’s outer rim as much as I do. He’s half my age.

We need more training in how to identify calls and sounds for some of the humid jangle sounds the same. I would most assuredly hate to be found tracking down a massive bullfrog instead of a swine meal or find myself ready to harvest a grunting boar only to find that I’m standing on top of an alligator’s first date of the new season.

Education and endurance are good things. Maybe Benji will agree to wearing chicken livers around his ankles next time.

~ by ostrakinos on June 12, 2007.

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